Mesco Mission and Vision

Bringing only the best of products available in the world market since 2000.


    Middle East Sons Co. was established in the year 2000 focusing on bringing products that cater to all markets within the country. Managed by the Nabhani family, everyone plays an important role in realizing the company’s vision to be one of the most trusted importers in the Sultanate of Oman. At the same, creating a well-managed working environment to its employees to make sure that they develop their full potentials.

    At MESCO, we think only of what is best for our customers. With this in mind, our aim is to bring only the best of products available in the world market to make sure that the people in the country will have easier access to international brands.
Mesco in the Future
Business executives everywhere are increasingly aware that the perception of customers who purchase their products has significant value. Therefore, marketing goes a long way in developing brand awareness. In MESCO, we make sure that our sales executives have the knowledge of the Omani market, economy, culture and consumers to help them in gauging consumer perceptions and launching new brands in accordance with market realities.

In MESCO, we take full care of the brands we handle, making sure that we are in line with the vision and mission of these brands to keep up with its high standards.

The company goes a step further and keeps a close vigil on the changing trends in the market, which helps in obtaining a fair picture of the current business landscape and to be sure that our brands are in tune with market conditions and existing consumer preferences. Oman is one of the fastest-growing economies in the Middle East. In lieu of this, it is critical to constantly observe unfilled and under-served niches to look for products that can fill the gap and have consumers running after them. MESCO not only looks for business opportunities but also builds strong perceptions of its products by way of marketing and branding efforts. We at MESCO always look out for new brands that can bring more value to Oman's economy. You are welcome to share in our success and experience as you are one of the important reasons why MESCO continues to aim high