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Finlays is a leading independent B2B manufacturer of tea, coffee and botanical solutions since1750. As a wholly owned subsidiary of the Swire Group, the company has extensive tea and horticultural interests in Kenya, South Africa and Sri Lanka, complemented by global trading, packaging and extraction activities. It’s primary markets are in the UK, USA, Asia and increasingly continental Europe.

Continuing the Ceylon Tea that has captivated and satisfied millions around the world for decades, Alwazah Tea is grown and manufactured to the highest standards of quality. Alwazah Tea offers the same age-old exquisite richness of 100% Ceylon Tea but is especially picked for the Arab palate. And now, the Alwazah Tea (Swan Brand) is available also in many countries around the world.

Harvested from the mountains of Sri Lanka delivered to the cups of the world and in Oman, MESCO paired with Finlays Co. to let you sip and enjoy Alwazah Tea.