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The Lebanese Roasting Company - Castania was founded in 1985 and attained a sustainable growth rate since its inception.

Castania currently leads the Lebanese nuts market with a wide range of products and capture a substantial market share. The company expanded its factory and initiated its global development to include 35 countries all over Europe, Asia, the Americas, Australia and Africa. Castania is an exceptional selection of superior tasting nuts full of incomparable sizes and flavor.

Originating from specially selected plants, tended to by expert growers, the items are packed in a protective atmosphere to preserve their crispness and freshness. It offers delightful pleasures to be savored and enjoyed.

MESCO teamed up with Castania in 2012 to provide you with the best and freshest  raw and cooked nuts from an internationally recognized brand Castania. More than 300 stands for Castania are provided by MESCO all over the Sultanate to deliver a joyful experience of fresh nuts.