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The formation of SIS '88 Pte Ltd goes back to1988, when it started as Singapore Ltd.
ED&F Man Holdings (UK), one of the world's oldest and largest commodity companies, providers of sugar, molasses, cocoa, coffee and bio-fuels, purchased sugar industry of Singapore Ltd to form SIS '88 Pte Ltd (SIS). SIS offers the widest range of sugars for everyday use, cooking and specialty sugars, in many convenient packs, chosen by leading restaurants, bakeries and confectioneries world-wide.
SIS Sugar is processed from all-natural pure cane sugar and does not contain any additives, preservatives of colouring. Manufacturers ensure that the products meet SIS's stringent quality standards. SIS Sugar offers world-class ICUMSA levels, usually well superior to the baseline ICUMSA 45 standard, and the most consistent grain sizes when compared to nearly all other international sugars. SIS range includes fine granulated sugar, coarse granulated sugar, raw sugar, brown sugar, icing sugar, caster sugar, white cubes, raw cubes, sticks and sachets.
MESCO, since 2011, provides you with this superior quality sugar, pure and pristine, which is produced in Australia, packed in Singapore, to help you enjoy happier, healthier lives.