Mesco Brands


Şölen is one of the bravest and most innovative companies in Turkey and has built its success through a brand building strategy over the last 28 years. It reached many milestones over the period and most notably has become recognized as a global player in over 90 countries through its famous brands.                                                                                                                                                                                                                
 All employees work passionately and never compromise on quality. This dedication to quality and passion in their job has resulted in Şölen being ranked 53rd in the Candy Top 90, which is one of the important confectionary lists in the world. Şölen has offices in America, Dubai, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia and regional managements in the Levant Region, Canada and Latina America.
Now, people of Oman can enjoy the sweet treats of Solen as MESCO brings a wide selection of this brand.