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  • Logistics

    In its continuous mission to provide the premier quality of products and service in the Sultanate of Oman, MESCO maintains a high standard when it comes to its distribution network, MESCO’s logistics division is unrivalled in terms of efficiency in delivering on time.

    MESCO has a 15,000 sq. ft. warehouse and its 10 meters height to house its more than 3,000 pallets stocks. It operates with more than 45 vehicles for its sales team and logistics to transport the goods to different locations keeping up with the ever-growing demands of its clientele. Our delivery trucks are equipped with GPS tracking system to ensure that we can communicate with our drivers and maximize our fleet productivity.

    Most areas within the sultanate is covered by our logistics team, from Muscat to the Dakiliyah region to Sharqiya, Salalah and Batna regions. This is part of its undertaking to bring only the best brands and products of the highest quality with an excellent service to the Sultanate of Oman.)